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“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” ~Albert Einstein


You Want…

You want to look younger. You want to feel younger.  You want to be amazed by what you can do again in your life.  You want to be transformed into your best you. You want folks to admire you.  You want folks to ask you what you’re doing.  You want folks to ask you how to be new again.  You want to take your life back but you’re not sure how to do it.

You’ve Heard…

You’ve heard the promises. You’ve tried the programs.  You’ve followed others ‘how to’ advice to achieve what you know deep down is possible.  You’ve had some success, only to be later disappointed. Are you tired of being sick?  Are you sick of being tired?

Are You Ready?

Are you ready for a mind-changing, amazing journey into real health?  Are you ready to be amazed?  Are you ready to be transformed into an amazing new you? Are you ready to take your life back?!?!


“To achieve an amazing, transformed, vibrant you, requires doing your life differently.”

The Weight Loss Program (“The Program”) is the finest program that has the power to transform your current-self into an amazing new-self that you thought was simply not possible.  Ever.

Until now.

Welcome to The Program that empowers you to naturally & rapidly achieve the possible—The New You!  The you that’s ‘always been inside of you’ but has eluded you ‘taking it back.’  The you that has never been fully realized by you.

Until now.

The Program places you at the center of your transformation.  Your eating habits led you here to this moment.  Together with The Program, we can change your self-defeating habits into permanent productive habits that result in achieving and maintaining an amazing you!

The Program has been rapidly objectively, predictably & reproducibly reducing patient’s individual fat-stores (and keeping them low) for more than ten (10) yearsThe Program has been helping folks just like you who are sick & tired of being sick & tired, not being able to, to lose weight & keep it off

The Program is an easy to follow, scientifically formulated, medically researched & medically supported program that emphasizes “fat-lossoverweight” loss.  

The Program is scientific.  “Scientific” simply means that your results are objective, predictable & reproducible (‘OPR’).   Objective means that your results can be measured, predicted & reproduced.  Week over week.  Month over month.  Objective means that we can predict to the week when your goal should be achieved.

The Program is so scientific that, if followed 100%, you will achieve rapid fat-loss rates of between two (02) and seven (07) pounds of fat-loss per week without any (required) exercise. 

Unlike other failed approaches, The Program is NOT a cookie cutter, ‘one size fits all’ program.  The Program utilizes individual, customized, easy meal planning using real foods with the support of beautiful, friendly, knowledgeable, one-on-one, program-certified coaches.

The Program certified-coaches introduce you to different ways of thinking of the frequency of your meals, of choosing healthy snacks, coaching you into useful and beneficial practices that affirm & enable your amazing life-transforming journey.

For those who desire the most rapid loss of fat, The Program has an ‘Immediate-Action’ Phase designed to immediately & rapidly address your tenacious weight gain, utilizing an objectively predictable & reproducible weight-loss systematic-approach that targets rapid body-fat reduction using great tasting HealthyLife Fuels foods that predictably make your process of reducing-fat easy, rapid & convenient. 

Our patients experience an amazingly rapid transforming reduction of “total body fat loss” across all body parts including your face, neck, back, arms, abdomen, hips, buttocks, (and even feet!) where your fat melts off as you are redefined into your amazing new rediscovered self.

The Program preserves your muscle mass allowing you to look many, many years younger, much more fit, with greater available energy, improved vitality & feeling and with more control that exudes confidenceThe Program is so transformative that we’ve had patient’s mistaken (in pictures) as their own college-aged children!

The Program has NO (fanciful) ‘secret weapons’ but rather The Program educates you in the best available current objective, predictable, reproducible (scientifically) proven methods that result in an individualized personalized diet that works with your individual physiology not against your physiology.

The Program uses state-of-the-art dynamic objective body-composition-analysis (BCA) tools including the (optional) 3DFit-body scanners (that allow you to literally SEE how others see you transforming in three dimensional analysis).

The Program educates you in the necessity of an ongoing experienced, educated, caring, empathetic, empowering, certified, program-coach that supports your individualized dreams with customized ongoing maintenance weigh-ins for as long as you live.

The Program has optional tools (‘technologies’) that can increase your fat-loss and even tools that can permanently reduce your fat-mass using non-invasive fat-reduction techniques after you reach your perfect transformed self.

Simply put, The Program is the most-comprehensive, flexible, state-of-the-finest-scientific-art approach to lowering your percentage body-fat and maintaining your muscle mass while rapidly transforming you into the body you’ve always wanted.

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