Lipo Laser Technology

Laser energy that safely and painlessly penetrates the skin and targets fat cells causing them to release water and free fatty acids, glycerol, and triglycerides. Having released cellular contents, the size of the fat cells is reduced, resulting in inches and fat lost. YOLO Curve is safe and non-invasive with zero side effects and pain. Our lipo laser treatment is often done after our LastDietATX weight loss protocol to further treat trouble areas.

How it works: A standard 20-30 minute treatment releases 40-60 grams of fat. The released fat it utilized by the body as fuel and simply undergoes normal metabolic processing. During a treatment, clients relax in a comfortable position while paddles are secured to the problem area for 10 minute intervals. Following the intervals, 10 minute whole body vibration sessions are recommended immediately post treatment to help burn FFS’s within the boy and stimulate the lymphatic system. Standard treatment protocol consists of three 30-40 minute treatments for three weeks. The three weekly treatments should be scheduled every other day to allow for fat disposal and cellular healing. Clients see measureable results after their first or second treatment.

Drink plenty of water before and after treatment and refrain from eating two hours before and two hours after treatment. You are free to resume regular activity immediately after each session. For best results and minimize fat cell refueling:

  • Be on the LastDietATX protocol
  • Stay hydrated, utilize whole body vibration
  • Take recommended supplements
  • Get sufficient sleep


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