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Health and Wellness Blood Tests

About Blood Tests

Health and Wellness Blood Tests can help you understand what’s going on inside your body at a metabolic level. This knowledge empowers you with the ability to use a comprehensive approach on your path to health and wellness and gives your health coach a better understanding of the underlying issues to weight gain. Innovative Sports Medicine uses a functional medicine approach that evaluates the body as a whole, with a unique perspective focused on the relationship of one body system to another as well as potential nutrient imbalances and toxic overload that may compromise these relationships. Health and wellness testing can be used to monitor heart health and wellness goals and keep you informed as to how you are doing.

Blood tests are beneficial for everyone, including elite athletes, healthy lifestyles, and people going through dietary changes. The tests can stop a preventable, chronic disease before it starts, eliminate the guesswork, and give you meaningful information for action. Even if you live a healthy lifestyle, your body changes with time. Track your progress over time to keep on top of risk factors and monitor changes.


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